Where To Buy Traditional Batik in Jakarta, Indonesia

Batik, Indonesia’s traditional cloth, has become one of the most iconic symbols of the country’s culture; it is revered as both an old craft and a part of daily life. Keep reading on to know where to buy traditional batik in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Where To Buy Traditional Batik in Jakarta, Indonesia

Batik Keris

Batik Keris

Batik Keris, one of Indonesia’s oldest and largest batik firms, is also one of the most well-known, having over 125 stores across the country. The company, which was founded in 1946, has grown into a trusted brand that maintains itself current with new collections ranging from high-end clothing to batik crafts and accessories. Home decor and even aromatherapy are available at the business.

Alun Alun Indonesia

This retail establishment, which is located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, sells high-end traditional crafts, such as the finest batik and its derivatives, which include fabric, apparel, bags, accessories, home decor, and more. If you have a large budget, this is the place to look for genuine, high-quality items. Alun Alun’s batiks come from all across Indonesia, including Yogyakarta, Cirebon, Pekalongan, Solo, and others.

Gallery Indonesia WOW

Gallery Indonesia WOW
Where To Buy Traditional Batik in Jakarta, Indonesia

This store, which is run directly by the State Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, is committed to showcasing Indonesia’s high-quality items from all 34 provinces on four floors. The establishment claims to only mark up prices by roughly 25%, but you’ll have to see for yourself to be sure!

Jalan Surabaya Flea Market

Surabaya street market is located in the heart of the affluent Menteng neighborhood. The 184 stores here are well renowned for their antiques and ornaments, but they sell items from every time of Indonesia’s long history. Coins, silverware, chandeliers, and porcelain from the Netherlands are displayed alongside LPs, vinyl, and cameras.

Traditional batik is interspersed among all of this, and Jakarta shopping also includes puppets and carvings, as well as some hidden literary gems. A handful of shops sell second-hand luggage as well as sea-recovered items like diving helmets and portholes.

Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru, often known as ‘Little India,’ is a one-stop shop for apparel, shoes, textiles, grooming goods, and, of course, Indian food and spices in Jakarta. Pasar Baru, one of Jakarta’s oldest shopping markets, has been there since 1820 and still contains a mix of Indonesian, Dutch, Chinese, and Indian influences. Many vendors and restaurants line the street, selling delectable nasi goreng, martabak, and biryani, while adjoining textile shops provide high-quality batik apparel at a fraction of the price of Jakarta’s malls. In one area, there is a shrine to Sri Sathya Sai Baba, as well as a slew of Indian restaurants serving home-cooked fare. Before purchasing anything, you must barter your way to the best price, like you would at any local market.

Cikini Gold Centre

Cikini Gold Centre | Where To Buy Traditional Batik in Jakarta, Indonesia

Cikini Gold Centre, in the Menteng area, is a massive mall with a slew of little stores selling gold and valuable jewelry of all kinds. Cikini, often known as ‘The Wedding Mall,’ is a popular destination for newly engaged couples shopping for rings to symbolize their commitment. Bangles, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, and every other type of jewelry may be found here in a wide range of styles and prices. Whether you’re looking for something traditional with intricate decorations or a minimalist contemporary piece, Jakarta has something for everyone. Despite the fact that the center specializes on gold, diamonds and other gemstones are also available. Because there are so many jewellers, prices are quite competitive, so shop around before making a decision. On the third floor, a food court serves delectable drinks. As you might have suspected, your negotiating talents will come in helpful here.

Pasaraya Blok M

Pasaraya was one of the first contemporary department shops to open in Jakarta in 1964, as part of the Sarinah brand, and was built primarily to showcase local fashion and handicrafts. To increase its business, the store relocated to the Blok M neighborhood. By boosting local products, Pasaraya keeps true to its objective. The establishment, in addition to batik and traditional crafts, also houses traditional restaurants and cafes, making it a handy site to visit.

Rumah Batik Danar Hadi Raden Saleh

This Solo batik label specializes in couture and high-end garments, using advanced batik techniques, fabrics, and detailing. Muslim apparel, children’s apparel, and athletics are all available. The Jakarta store is one of the largest, with dozens of locations across Indonesia. Danar Hadi also operates a batik museum in its hometown of Solo, demonstrating the company’s deep ties to this traditional cloth.

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