Lennox Air Conditioner Reviews and Prices 2021

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Here’s a rundown of the subjects addressed in our Lennox air conditioner review. At all levels of quality – basic, better, and finest – Lennox air conditioners are the most efficient. Every air conditioner is Energy Star certified for efficiency.

Is it only about efficiency? It has a lot of the features that homeowners like, but there are some issues about Lennox durability and repair costs that you should think about before you buy.

This Lennox air conditioner buying guide provides an in-depth look at one of the most popular air conditioner brands. We’ve put together buying guides for all of the main brands, as well as others you may have never heard of. The recommendations provide a quick but complete way to evaluate brands and types of central air conditioners side by side.

See our complete Air Conditioner Prices and Buyers Guide for more general information about buying a central air conditioner, including unit prices, installation costs, choosing the optimum efficiency for your environment, properly sizing it, and understanding performance and comfort features.

Lennox air conditioner review

Lennox Air Conditioner Review: Exclusive Features

 Lennox Air Conditioner Review: Exclusive Features

Premium Efficiency

The Signature Series Lennox XC25, with a 26 SEER rating, is the most energy-efficient split system on the market right now.

It also produces the most energy-efficient two-stage split system air conditioner, the Elite Series Lennox XC20 with a 20 SEER rating, as well as the most energy-efficient single-stage air conditioner, the 18.5 SEER Lennox SL18XC1.

Nine of the eleven Lennox air conditioners are Energy Star certified.

Variable-capacity Compressor

Variable compressors are used by a few brands in their best models, although Lennox was one of the earliest.

The XC25 and XC20 are both variable capacity models.


By cooling past the thermostat point, a single-stage compressor wastes energy — starting, running at 100%, and then stopping. A two-stage compressor is better, but not as efficient as a variable-capacity one that runs in a balanced manner.

To precisely fulfill cooling requirements, the compressor can run at a capacity ranging from 30% to 100%. It will operate at the smallest capacity required to complete the task.

Climate control

This improves indoor comfort by maintaining a consistent temperature. Running at a constant speed for a longer period of time removes more summer humidity, and drier air is more comfortable.

Running at a reduced capacity is, of course, quieter than two-stage and single-stage units.

Aluminum Coils

The Signature Series SL18XC1, Elite Series EL16XC1, and Merit Series ML14XC1 all come with the Lennox Quantum coil.

Aluminum coils known as Spine Fin coils are used by Trane and American Standard.

Pros: The Lennox Quantum coil’s refrigerant tubing and radiator-like fins are made of a robust aluminum alloy. The benefits include higher corrosion resistance in a salt environment and a lower initial cost.

Cons: Aluminum coils have a poorer heat transfer rate and are more difficult to fix than copper coils. Owing to the difficulty of getting a weld to hold, coils are frequently replaced due to leaks or cracks.

While the disadvantages are obvious, aluminum is a better choice if you live near the coast.

Lennox Air Conditioner Cons

Lennox Air Conditioner Cons
Lennox air conditioner review

Lennox uses the most proprietary parts of any manufacturer. The majority of the time, universal parts like Emerson/Copeland compressors are used since they are inexpensive and readily available. There are two drawbacks to using Lennox parts.


Some professional HVAC repair technicians argue that Lennox parts wear out more quickly. As a result, the air conditioner will be less reliable and will cost more over its lifetime.

Parts Cost and Availability

Lennox repair parts such as compressors and motors cost more than parts for most other brands.

Because they are not universal, they are also hard to get much of the time. Repairs that should be same-day/next-day repairs can drag out for a week or more.

Lennox Air Conditioner Prices By Model

The wholesale price of the equipment plus the contractor’s profit is included in the Unit Cost Range. Total Cost with Installation is included in the Total Cost Range. New ductwork is not included in the installation fee.

Please keep in mind that your local price may vary according on labor charge rates, tax rates, and the profit margin of the contractor.

Models Unit Cost Range Total Cost Range
Lennox Signature XC25 $5,580 – $7,940 $7,050 – $10,960
Lennox Signature XC21 $5,160 – $7,150 $6,540 – $9,960
Lennox Elite XC20 $5,330 – $7,640 $6,930 – $10,570
Lennox Signature SL18XC1 $4,710 – $6,810 $6,060 – $9,880
Lennox Elite XC17 Discontinued Discontinued
Lennox Elite EL16XC1 $4,370 – $6,640 $5,760 – $9,530
Lennox Elite XC16 $4,640 – $6,780 $5,930 – $9,730
Lennox Merit 16ACX $3,930 – $6,220 $5,440 – $8,900
Lennox Elite XC14 Discontinued Discontinued
Lennox Elite XC13 $4,070 – $6,210 $5,360 – $9,190
Lennox Merit ML14XC1 $3,830 – $5,930 $5,190 – $8,740
Lennox Merit 14ACX $3,670 – $5,560 $5,010 – $8,290
Lennox Merit 13ACX $3,420 – $5,370 $4,860 – $8,150
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