Fun Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan

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No trip to Japan would be complete without a visit to its legendary capital city. Where else can visitors tour the world’s most famous fish auction, pray at a 1,000-year-old temple and dine on the charming Piss Alley Road named for one day? Here are the fun things to do in Tokyo you must know.

Fun Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan

Tour the The Imperial Palace

Fun Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan |Tour the The Imperial Palace

The main attraction of the Marunouchi district in Tokyo is the Imperial Palace (Kōkyo) with its beautiful 17th-century parks surrounded by walls and moats. Still in Imperial use, the Imperial Palace stands on the site where, in 1457, feudal lord Ota Dokan built the first fortress, the focal point from which the city of Tokyo (or Edo, as follows: that) gradually spread. .
As famous as the palace is the Nijubashi Bridge leading to its interior, a structure that takes its name (“double bridge”) from its reflection in the water. Other notable features include the two-meter thick wall surrounding the palace and its gates, one of which leads to the Eastern Higashi-Gyoen Garden.

Tours of the Imperial Palace are available (pre-registration required) and include Kikyo-mon Gate, Someikan (Guest House), Fujimi-yagura (“Mount Fuji”), East Garden, and Inner Gate , Seimon-tetsubashi Bridge, and Royal Building Agency (remember to plan ahead).

Explore historic Asakusa and its ancient temple, Sensō-ji

Asakusa’s quaint neighborhood and its main attraction, the sacred shrine Sensō-ji, are must-visits – nothing like Tokyo. The classic shrine with its iconic red lantern and the charming Nakamise shopping street that line it will transport you to ancient Japan. Nearby is Hanayashiki, the oldest amusement park in the country.

Strut your stuff in stylish Harajuku

Strut your stuff in stylish Harajuku
Fun Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan

Visitors can explore the trendy Harajuku, Omotesandō and Aoyama neighborhoods in just one day. But if you only go to one place, make it Harajuku. The colorful Takeshita-dōri (Takeshita Street) area is the place to go for unusual styles, such as Lolita, a Japanese fashion inspired by Victorian and Rococo clothing. Continue your shopping trip at the high-end brands in Omotesandō, admire the beautiful architecture along the way, and finish at the famous Aoyama art galleries and cafes.

Snap up anime films and collectables at Akihabara

Tokyo’s Electric Town captivates visitors with its wide selection of anime, manga and gaming gear. Stylish shoppers will be able to find everything they need to complete their collection – comic books, DVDs, detailed figurines, deals and cards, clothing, magazines and merchandise Endless lingerie. It’s also the place to check out Tokyo’s quirky maid cafes.

Join the old-fashioned Yanaka Ginza Shitamachi

Historically, shitamachi (lower city) was where less affluent Tokyoites worked and lived. Today, there are only a few places left in Tokyo where you can experience the old world, but with its ramshackle, time-freezing atmosphere, the Yanaka Ginza shopping district is one of them. Head to the Yuyake Dandan Stairs, which have appeared in movies and TV series – it’s a picturesque spot to snap a few pictures. There are also a large number of adorable feral cats in the area.

Shop ’til you drop by Ginza. District

Ginza is Tokyo’s busiest shopping district and it’s as iconic as Times Square in New York, and much older. In fact, it has been the commercial center of the country for centuries, and the meeting place of five old streets connecting major Japanese cities. With its exclusive and palatial boutiques, the Ginza district is also enjoyable to simply stroll around or. Better yet, sit at one of the many tea and coffee shops or restaurants while watching the world go by.

On weekends, when everything is open, it’s a shopper’s paradise as traffic is banned, making it one of the largest pedestrian zones in the world. As night falls, giant billboards on many of its buildings fill Ginza with dazzling neon lights.

Stop at the National Museum of Nature and Science

Stop at the National Museum of Nature and Science | Fun Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan

Located in Tokyo’s Ueno Park, the excellent National Museum of Nature and Science (Kokuritsu Kagaku Hakubutsukan) opened in 1871 and is one of the country’s oldest museums. Visiting this museum is of of the fun things to do in Tokyo, Japan you should not miss.

Now completely refurbished and modernized, the museum also boasts one of the country’s largest and busiest museums, housing an enormous collection of some 250,000 historical documents. natural history and science.

These include a series of engaging interactive displays on space development, nuclear energy and transportation, each of which allows visitors an insight into new scientific and technological advances. Best. Highlights of the Japan Gallery (Nihonkan) include numerous exhibits on prehistoric creatures and Japanese history, including traditional customs and costumes. In the Global Gallery (Chikyūkan) you will find many excellent science and technology exhibits, including robotics and vintage vehicles.

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